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Lady and the Cow

After a series of 3 bus rides to get to Ayder, Turkey to visit the hot springs I was quite tired. There is something about 20 hours of back to back bus rides that puts one in a different mental space. I was walking up a single lane footpath to get to a small hotel when i found myself behind a woman who was bent over from an incredible case of scoliosis. She was leaning heavily on her walking stick hunched over from her low back to a near right angle. Her clothing was typical for the region with a headdress that had little jangling ornaments.

She saw her favourite cow and reached out, leaning heavily on her cane to steady herself. She grabbed this cow by the horn and pulled her close. She then kissed the cow on the snout speaking calm, sweet compliments to her. Cows, a skittish animal, stayed close to her as she stroked her head. She looked as though she needed this comfort, this encouragement from an old friend.
As I walked past the cow and reached out my hand to stroke its head it lo…

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